Sierra Mt High






Activity: Backpacking, Back Country Camping

Horseshoe Meadows/Cottonwood Lakes/Mount Langley: distance 20 miles, elevation change 5,124’, 17 hour duration, rated HARD

Our last day in the Sierra was bittersweet packing up and heading back to civilization. We wanted to get out of the smoky conditions that were stifling the area from the many California Fires ravaging the state. When it was good it was really, really good, but when it was bad it was horrid. We understood that we were not experiencing this location in it’s normal pristine state, but we still saw enough to know that we could hardly wait to get back up in the Sierras and as soon as possible, because this place is special.

The mornings continued to be super nice and amazingly beautiful. This day would be the best yet. Mike had us sampling his barista skills started us out with his gourmet coffee concoction. Pretty fancy for backcountry camping I would say. Craig and Mike were both glad to see that I was feeling much better after a tough day suffering from the effects of AMS high on Mt Langley.

Today we were starting at the most scenic portion from the Cotton Wood Lakes back down to Horseshoe Meadows. Our trek took us beside the still lakes, through the quiet rocky meadows and into the vast forest. On the way up by the time we got past the wooded section everything was gray smoke and unworldly. This last morning it was awe-inspiring to be there.

The mountains, the peaks, the lakes, the woods, and friends on the trail gives you sort of a Sierra Mountain High. The mountains would be calling to us again real soon.

Wow, what an adventure the three of us had. We overcame multiple adversities: The fear of three strikes and your out for Mike, Covid-19 for my buddy Craig, AMS for me, and suffocating smoke for all of us. The struggle added to the accomplishment and certainly to the adventure of it all. There were tough times to face and there were times that hurdle was balanced by stunning, unforgettable beauty. But isn’t that the reason that we were out there? Overcoming struggles by bold experiences in nature… Said another way, “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“. Please join my friends Mike, Craig, and me for more adventures, and more soul soaring in coming issues. You can do this simply by these actions: FOLLOW, COMMENT, LIKE, and SHARE. Go to the menu and explore many more locations that PBTA travels to. Get your PBTA Merch at SHOP APPAREL. Where there is currently a SPECIAL DEAL going on.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

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